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Residential & Commercial Cleaning
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Clean Inside Fridge

Inside Fridge

$40 ea

Clean Interior Windows

Interior Windows

$12 ea

Folding Clothes Services

Folding Clothes

$40 ea

Clean Inside Oven

Inside Oven

$35 ea

Clean Window Blinds

Window Blinds

$15 ea

Laundry Service


$42 ea

Clean Dishes

Extra Dishes

$25 ea

Clean Walls

Clean Walls

$8 ea

Sweep Patio Services

Sweep Patio

$32 ea

Clean Inside Cabinets

Inside Cabinets

$10 ea

Clean Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

$22 ea

Pet Hair Cleaning

Pet Hair

$28 ea

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Please note that the selected date and time serves as a preferred timeframe and the cleaning will be schedule based on the availability of our team.

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Discounts will be applied after 1st service.

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